Month: January 2018

The Benefits Of Developing Your Applications On A Paas

  1. Innovation. It allows you to focus on the application layer, simplifying the management of all the infrastructure below. Therefore, focus on what business needs.
  2. DevOps. Unified platform for systems and development, which also covers the entire Continuous Delivery cycle and allows you to standardize the deployments, the creation of environments, authentication, routing, etc.
  3. Expedites development. It serves as a repository for reusing architectures, with many predefined technology stacks. When starting from zero, efficiency increases and errors are minimized.
  4. Expedites deployments. Automates the generation of releases, the cloning of environments and implementations. It guarantees that the versions pass consistently between different situations.
  5. Cloud by default. The applications developed in a PaaS inherit by default all the advantages of Cloud: security, scalability, new architectures, high availability, cost savings, etc.
  6. Orchestration of applications. They have a Web console that allows you to manage and monitor the applications, as well as control the available resources and the fees of each application. This point is currently essential for the management of many microservices; I would venture to say that you cannot manage architecture with a large number of microservices without resorting to a PaaS.
  7. Multilanguage. A possibility of working with different programming languages on a unified platform, eliminating silos in companies.
  8. Broadcast. Multiple operations, such as applying batch security patches for all your apps.
  9. Minimizes risks. This is achieved thanks to the standardization but also because the most known PaaS have thousands of testers and great comfort behind.
Developing Your Applications

Loyalty And Improvement Of Engagement With Your Clients

This is one of the most outstanding advantages of creating an application for your business model since it allows you to increase sales and customer loyalty with those you already have. This is because they enable actions to attract qualified public and encourage the interaction of that audience that generates leads (for example, being able to send offers and special promotions for your users and regular customers.) Furthermore, they allow you to make a segmentation like you have not seen before. before, only comparable to a website

Control Your Business From Anywhere And At Any Time

Thanks to mobile devices and apps any entrepreneur can be aware of everything that happens with your company and be connected to it from anywhere at any time, thus increasing efficiency, sales and the impact of your business and reducing the costs associated with it.

Everything will depend on the needs and objectives that you want to cover with the creation of the app by the company, since each business is a world, and different functionalities may be required depending on the type of activity, the tasks that you want to carry out with the app, the kind of products and services and a long, etc.

Developing Your Applications